Bryan is a progeny of musical origin.

With a father that played both the guitar and steel guitar of a Hawaiian band, he had a predisposition to learn the tricks of the trade.

With a lot of practice, by the age of 12 years old he could already play the guitar pretty well.

But it was actually the over-abundance of guitarists at school that drove him to switch to the bass guitar which he performed at age 15.

The result was an definite switch to bass.

For over 35 years, Bryan has been lucky performing on stage in the Netherlands and abroad with lots of international and Dutch talented musicians in the pop, rock, soul, jazz and Latin scene.

His enthusiasm for playing bass is undiminished after 40 years as a semi-professional musician.

For him, nothing beats a solid groovy rhythm section!

Nowadays he is available for any job as a freelance bassplayer.
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His latest musical project called Groove Jacket is a mix of funk, R&B, soul and acid jazz influences.
Currently Bryan's playing in the Superfly Partyband, please check